Last blog post in Grade Four

Hello! I hope if you are reading this, you are doing well. I think Grade Four is the best, because you are in the middle and you get the best of little kids, and bigger kids. I hope everyone will do their best Next year because everyone deserves a good school year!

I think I have grown better at making friends this year, I ended up being friends with everyone! Camp was a big highlight this year, because I got to sleep in the same room as all my friends and we got to do a barbecue!.

I hope I will make more friends next year, I want to get better at drawing landscapes because I am not very good at drawing plants and trees, and I will do it by practicing! Goodbye everyone, and good luck next year! 🙂

Event Art!

Have you ever wondered how it feels to go through a major event? We did! So we were assigned to write down on a google doc what the event was, what we felt before the event, then after it.   

After that we had to do a drawing, sculpture, painting, or anything else we wanted. So, we are making art to describe how we transformed in that event, The event I chose was roleplaying warrior cats because Warrior Cats was a series I was reading before, during, and after the event, it inspired me to draw better, make my drawings neater, here’s my art from class!:


Reflections through relationships

4F Feb 15-19

We had a lot going on this week so we decided to write the post together using our hop back as a tool to plan. The class came up with some important highlights and reflected on how we learned.  Here are the big ideas from the week.

  • During the leadership focus in our UOI, we brainstormed with a mind map to think about vocabulary that describes what a leader is and what they do, then we compared to bad leaders, looked at strategies, goals, and difficulties through a Y chart, and finally used these to create questions to ask our Head of School Mr. Coutts.  A question that came out of this was “How can Grade 4s be leaders? (Morris)” We thought it was a great opportunity to have a leader of a bigger organization talk with us (Rise).  I didn’t know that Mr. Coutts works so hard for YIS. (Billy)
  • A visiting musician Katherine Claire worked with the class to write a song about our UOI.  It was lots of fun and we hope to work with her again (Maia).
  • We learned how to sequence events in a book review by thinking of the main idea and adding details for each section of the book.  I wonder if we can add to this?  (Oliver)
  • For poetry we used personification to make a poem that describes a place and time.  We chose 5 objects and gave them human qualities (personified) to bring our poems to life.
  • Box Division we broke numbers into parts using multiplication and subtraction skills to find answers with remainders. We are going to have a test about it next week.  We think this will be very helpful in the future because we can use what we already know to solve the problem (Nevo).
  • In Movement composition in PE class we cooperated in small groups to make decisions about our dance routines.  We used gymnastics, balance, and poses.  This was kind of hard, but working in groups made it easier (William).

Fantastic.  What did you do to learn this week?


PIC time is what our class made up together. It’s a special time to Play, Inquiry and Create.

It is kind of like art and U.O.I together. About two weeks ago we made our class look like there is more space. Now some people brought some jars so we can split our color pencils. People brought some card boards, plastic straws and tons of pet bottle caps. We also arranged the classroom. We though this time was very creative and fun to do.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 13.03.39

This is our pocket doll that we made. It is made from popsicle sticks and silk. We are looking forward to making more crafts like Christmas decorations.