Week 1 in 4F

Hello parents and students,

What a great week!  The class dove right into demonstrating their thinking and collaboration skills by working together to create a class agreement, sort out responsibilities for digital citizenship, practice and learn new communication skills, and visit all their single subject teachers.  We also had time to revisit the learner profile, create a class set of posters, consolidate place value knowledge through games, create a story using a picture prompt about nature, and unpack our central idea for our first unit of Sharing the Planet. If you wanted to explore the central idea of “Organisms rely on one another” at home, you could search for images that you think relate to the idea, and email them to me for our class display.

1st week in 4F


Thoughts from K201 about the first week of school:

  • “I had a great week in fourth grade, it was awesome and exciting and fun.”  (Billy)
  • “In fourth grade for the first week I think I learned a lot, that it doesn’t matter who you are, and you can learn more and more every day, the stuff we can do together becomes better if we work together and have conversations.”  (Joshua)
  • “I really had a good time for the first week and it was fun spending time with new friends and a new teacher” (Kae)
  • “Grade 4 is the best” (Nevo and William)
  • “Grade 4 feels like a new adventure”  (Morris)
  • “I made a lot of new friends in Grade 4” (Oliver)
  • “Grade 4  made me enjoy math”  (Olivia)
  • “From the first week of school the experiences that I had so far made me think I am gonna learn a lot this year” (Maya)
  • “I am happy to see my old friends and play with them” (Kenta)
  • “I am happy to meet new friends” (Maia)
  • “The pizza was good today”  (all)

Have a great weekend,

Grade 4F


Hello YIS




Welcome to YIS Learning Hub. This is my first blog post at YIS and I am excited about using this space to share the learning that happens in 4F.   My name is Flynn McCreath and if you want to learn a bit more about me please visit here.  I think that one of the best things about being a teacher is that I get to learn alongside the students and they teach me as much as I teach them, if not more.  The program of inquiry that we have in Grade 4 this year is excellent, and the balance of science, socials, and arts should make for a year that everyone is going to love.


The first few days of school can bring a lot of different emotions and feelings.  I like to look at it a it as an opportunity to challenge yourself, meet new friends, and try new things.  I look forward to meeting and learning with all of you.  Please continue to check back as I will be updating the Mathematics, Language Arts, and UOI regularly with useful links, activities, examples of learning, and more.