Wrapping it up

No, it is not Christmas here yet and we are not wrapping any present although there is certainly something in the air as charity drives are in full swing, people discuss holiday plans, and the air gets more chilly.  I was thinking more about this week in class, the final week of How We Express Ourselves, persuasive writing, and a lot of work in the math strands of data handling and measurement comes to a close.

The students were busy polishing their writing and presentation skills, and applying their understanding about graphs, measurement, and advertising in new unfamiliar settings.  As the class is aware of the summative / test like nature of these assignments, it was amazing to see how quickly, thoughtfully, and respectfully they got down to business.  Although tests are not usually the norm in class, they are still a part of life and it was great to see the students rise to the unfamiliar situation of working independently and quietly.  The thoughts, reflections, justifications for opinions and answers were staggering and a pleasure to read and view on paper and seesaw.

Speaking of seesaw, I would urge you all to spend a minute or two to see the student presentations of their persuasive writing, even though I am not the biggest fan of Mario, Fifa 17, and dollhouses, I was convinced.  Please take a moment to view their speeches and leave a comment.

All that pent up energy was released Today at Cross Country.  A big thanks to the PE team for organizing this sunny morning in the park.  Picture album below.

4F Nov.14-18

Rion’s Awesome Grade 4

Grade 4 was a Joyful Fantastic year.I learn’t a lot of important things that I didn’t know before.The most AWESOME part of grade 4 was obviously camp because I got to laugh and talk with new friends that you have never talked before.In grade 4 I had opportunities to make cool friends that are really nice to me.

This year I have learn’t a lot by listening to the teacher and paying attention to all the important things that will be very useful for my life.All the challenges  Mr McCreath gave me made me grow so much that when I look at the work I have done in the past,I know that I learned a lot because I know way more things now then the past.

I hope I get better at maths because maths will help a lot in my life and my future.I would like to continue to get better at reading smoothly and understanding what I am reading.

Messages to my AWESOME classmates and my BRILLIANT teacher.

Thankyou for being awesome classmates.I appreciate for helping me and being kind to me.Thank You Mr McCreath for being a brilliant teacher.The thing I like you being a teacher is you get angry when you have to and you be nice as possible to the students.This was a fantastic class.THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fantastic 4th grade

This year I learned a lot of things I researched and if you think that’s not enough for you we even experienced deeper into government systems! 4F was the most unique class I have ever been in! We were so creative and made so many models and inventions  and helpful to each other in PIC spots day and more we learned how to make something cool something to last and how to even make it work just Think Make Improve and go back to think and go on. We had goverment week and we could experience so much things. I have a lot of friends some closer than others.

I have grown in exponents, fractions, dividing decimals and algebra. Algebra is really important if you want to become an Animator,Industrial Engineer,Physicist, and Astronomers. Start studying if you want to work in one of those jobs. My highlight of this year is the camp because we learned how to play with nature, climb trees and build forts. And PIC because we made models. The challenge was how to make the masts steady.

My biggest hope is to stay in Japan and to stay in touch with friends. I want to get better at reading by reading more. Hope to stay in touch.



This week we learned about exponents.Exponents is easy to find area of a 3D shape.  Exponents are when you multiply a number like 5 and if there was a 3 on top of it you need to multiply the 5 three times like this 5x5x5=125.  The answer is 125 because 5×5 is 25 and 25×5=125.  I think this can help us because it is a lot faster then doing 5x5x5x5x5x5. Watch these videos to understand more about exponents Watch this and this! Hope you enjoy.

Hope you enjoy!Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 09.34.37


Have you ever learned about algebra? Well,this week we started to get into it. We think it is a very interesting way of math,but hard because it was new. We learned how to do algebra by following instructions. With this we can solve problems in real life and learn more complex algebra and become an Animator,Industrial Engineer,Physicist, and Astronomers. I have seen it on my big brothers homework.Do you know any other jobs or things that you need algebra for?    

Building skyscrapers

We finished planning our city scape. A lot of people are starting to decorate their buildings. I learned the angles have to be exact or it doesn’t look good.With this knowledge we can become architects. I think this is a great thing because we combined math and art together, My two favourite subjects together.This connects to a person I saw before that was building a house and the architect was holding the plan.  Did you ever make a cityscape? What we can do next with our knowledge is make a 3D plan for inside a house.



There are many types of shapes. There are 3D and 2D shapes. 2D shapes are shapes that are flat and 3D shapes is a shapes that is not flat. Examples for 2D shapes are circle, triangle and square. For 3D shapes are prism,cube,sphere,cylinder,icosahedron.

Sphere has no sides but it is a 3D shape. We learned shapes by using toys to make 3D or 2D shapes.

We learn about shapes and now we know sides faces and vertices and we are going to use this knowledge to be better at shapes.  We learn about shapes to help us build things and describe things. So now you know about shapes.

Designing buildings

Designing buildings

I liked this activity because drawing angles is boring but designing your own building using protractors are very enjoyable. I think everyone admired it and was very delightful to make buildings. This week we practiced a lot and next week we will make our own design of our city by ourself.Have you ever draw a city with a protractor?26236312244_8974092747

Converting math!

This short week we learned how to convert fractions into decimals. I think it amazing how we learned, we always thought we could only make it a decimal if the denominator could go up to one hundred. We learned how to convert fraction to decimals by using what we know in a new way. We this knowledge we can convert fractions to percentage.It is kind of the of simplifying fractions. How can we convert fractions without using division?

Don’t be late!

This week we wrote our daily schedule. It’s important to know how to do that because then you will be organized, wont forget, and always have something to do. We practiced 24 hour clock and 12 hour clock. if you don’t practice 24 and 12 hour clocks you will not know how to tell time and if you don’t you will always be late, and you probably don’t want that to happen! Is it worth the time to make the schedule or not? It reminds me of grade three. I saw how different people pass their day different things. Its really interesting to know.