Making stuf

There was a lot of making this week in the classroom and around the school. It ranged from making an explanation about a chocolate model of the Earth to duct tape wallets to television commercials about cooking with clay, with lots in between.  Tech days gave students the chance to make things from stories to bridges, and from computer programming to origami, and classroom experiences gave us the opportunity to make connections to artwork, make sense out of how division works and the properties of mass, build models, electronics, houses, and kites in P.I.C. time, and build relationships with each other.

There are so many reasons I enjoy making stuff in the class; it gives students an avenue to express themselves in a variety of ways, interact with the physical world around them and solve design problems that arise during construction with familiar or unfamiliar materials. Not to mention, they get to have a lot of fun doing it. I think the expressions on their faces in the pictures below show the level of enjoyment, concentrations, and sense of achievement with their results. Next week is a short week filled with online tests (ISA) and practicing the scientific method.

4F Jan. 30th-Feb. 3rd


fantastic 4th grade

This year I learned a lot of things I researched and if you think that’s not enough for you we even experienced deeper into government systems! 4F was the most unique class I have ever been in! We were so creative and made so many models and inventions  and helpful to each other in PIC spots day and more we learned how to make something cool something to last and how to even make it work just Think Make Improve and go back to think and go on. We had goverment week and we could experience so much things. I have a lot of friends some closer than others.

I have grown in exponents, fractions, dividing decimals and algebra. Algebra is really important if you want to become an Animator,Industrial Engineer,Physicist, and Astronomers. Start studying if you want to work in one of those jobs. My highlight of this year is the camp because we learned how to play with nature, climb trees and build forts. And PIC because we made models. The challenge was how to make the masts steady.

My biggest hope is to stay in Japan and to stay in touch with friends. I want to get better at reading by reading more. Hope to stay in touch.


4F got ready for sports day by making their uniforms.  They had to think about following instructions, fractions, amount of colour, measuring, mixing and symmetry to create these wonderful designs.  Not to mention washing clothes the old fashioned way, in a stone gutter.  We are sure to win best dressed at YCAC next Friday.  Go Tietans!

Garden Salad

“Crunch, crunch, crunch.” This week we choose to make a garden salad before the break. We will use our freshly grown cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes. If we don’t pull the cabbage before the break the cabbage will die. Some of the girls brought in something for the salad. Every girl in the group will participate when making the salad. We have worked very hard to grow our cabbage and don’t want it to go to waste. We will make it during P.I.C with the Gardening Group Girls. Over the months of our hard work we feel that our teamwork has grown stronger. We have been open minded to others opinions and ideas for the garden salad, respectful to each other and committed to keep trying.

Do you have any suggestions for our salad?

Flying Dutchman

We finally finished our project that was a jet/bii plane. Now Morris, Oliver, and I are making the flying dutchman. we already planned how big will be the model by a skill we learned called scaling. That means we draw a big drawing of the ship and say one centimeter equals 3 centimeters on the real 3D model and we

planing of the boat.

think it will help a lot when we make it!  it took us one hour to plan but. questions I have are will we finish it? Who will take it home? I hope it is me.  When we made the jet/bii plane we did not plan at all! that’s why it looks a bit like a fish, but we improved that and it looks better now. It is really fun to make things that you probably won’t build at home. The length of the boat is 62 cm and the height is 38 cm. we are going to have a balcony that we saw on a boat that we really liked. We are going to have a steering wheel stairs and other detailed things! we thought that we should paint the boat brown and some black parts some of the sales are going to be ripped so it looks old. 

Catapult Battle!

Last week was smashing fun! Mr. McCreath gave us an instruction sheet on how to make a catapult. We had to follow the instructions and make a catapult. We also created cool team names. After we finished making our catapults we had a battle. The rules were you and your team had to take turns shooting their pom-poms or dice into the blue bucket, which was 2 meters away from your table. The team who got the most pom-poms or dice in the bucket, would win chocolate mushrooms! The “Annihilators” won but the “Fire Flies” were a close second.
I learned how to work as a team, and that it’s more important to have a good quality catapult then having a pretty one. One of the most important skills we used were think, make and improve. These words mean “Does it work? Does it last?” and “Is it cool?”. We used these words to help us make the catapult. 4F really enjoyed learning the process of creating things to work, last and making it to look cool. We also enjoyed doing the battle! I am excited to learn about what we are going to do next!