Cross Country

Cross country is coming up and everybody is excited but nervous.  Every year we go to Negishi park and have a cross country run. It is a huge event and many people come to watch.  Each year three boys and three girls represent their grade in a bigger race in Tokyo.  The length of one lap at Negishi park is 1.3 km, two laps is 2.6 km but if you go to Tokyo it is very hard.    Oliver, Nevo and Daan are going to Tokyo for grade four in the two lap boys race.  I learned some strategies like sprinting at the start and then keeping a pace, and it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun.  I wonder what will happen next year.

These are the people for fourth grade in the 2 lap race.

Inline image 1

Phebe, Maia and Kyoka

Inline image 1

   Daan, Nevo, and Oliver