Aquaman visits 4F!

Aquaponics expert, defining unit vocabulary, thinking about how we learn best, consolidating place value knowledge, identifying non-fiction text features, book mapping and connecting literature to our UOI, making scientific observations in nature, and linear measurement were just some of the ideas we explored this week. Outside the classroom we have an aquaponics system.  It is an excellent tool for gathering data, making connections, and thinking about our UOI and responsibility.  We hope to grow it over the course of the year, and the visit we had to teach us about the system was very enlightening to students and staff.  The class is already excited about the new responsibilities they are taking on to maintain the system.

2nd week in 4F


On Fridays afternoons the class reflected on what they learned this week, and what activities they used to learn, leading to how we learn best.  Here is an example of a reflection process we are using.


Mr. McCreath was also blown away when he walked into music class and saw this on only the second week of school.

Quotes from the classroom:

“It was a very busy week”  – Maia
“I learned a lot about aquaponics” – Phebe
“The guest speaker told us a lot of important information about the system” -Nevo
“This week was better than the last because we wrote a lot more”- Olivia
“I never knew that ecosystems were so interesting” – Morris
“I learned so much this week and had fun at the same time” – Maya
“I learned 10 new words in a fun exciting way” – Billy
“After the speaker talked to us I learned the information I needed, and when we started using the system I learned you don’t need so much food, and how it changes into different chemicals” -Joshua
“We went to the park and saw trees and bugs, we drew them and talked about how they are connected” – Kenta
“I learned about the different kinds of biomes” – Oliver