End of the year reflection

This is one of the best school year ever! I was really Energetic all year because we were always doing fun things,learning, and doing great experiences such as PIC and spirit day. and all the other units. When we were doing Camp,sports day,Goverment week,PIC,Picnic and the unit HTWW I was overjoyed because we were supporting each other,learning more than ever, new experiences, and Spending a lot of time with each other. I am friends with everyone in our class and even  outside the class.

I have become more independent because I did more tasks by myself. Also I became better at division algorithm and Diaries because I practiced more and took information from my teacher and friends. One of my learning highlights were the stations because It Is a time when you get in a group and learn together so that was a highlight. Also PIC time was a highlight because  It is a really fun way to learn,create, and  work together.  One of the challenges were shapes and Diaries because I didn’t really like them but when I focused I became really good.

I really hope I get the same amount of fun and knowledge. I want to be better at algebra because It is really important and challenging plus I will probably need it for a lot of important jobs. I hope you all had a great year too and thank you for making this year so pleasing!

Open and closed Questions!

What are open and closed questions and why are they important? Well that is an open question because I can a get a good long answer and can add on to. 4F also learned about closed questions which you can close down quickly with a short answer. For example the answer may be a yes and no question but still can get good facts.

We Went as a class to the library and Ms. Vance talked to us about how to make good open and closed questions to use when we are interviewing people and get their story out of them. The thinking skills we used were asking, connecting and putting together questions.


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 09.46.53As a class we learned a lot and we are excited to use are new skills when we are going to interview the staff  from Y.I.S about their stories about migrating! How did you feel and why? Comment down below and tell us your story about migrating!


What is a Paragraph?

What is a paragraph?  A paragraph is a very important part of a story that separates one idea from another.  You will find paragraphs everywhere they are found in books, speeches, dictionaries, and everyday life.  They are usually 5-6 sentences long but can be longer or shorter.  But one of the most important things that you have consider is who is reading it.  If the person knows nothing about the topic then you would write in a little more detail than usual.  If the person knows a lot about the topic then you probably wouldn’t have to write so much or at least not in so much detail.  I think that writing a good paragraph is important because if you do not write a good paragraph your story will not turn out so great and if you don’t write a good story then no one will want to read it. 

Dear Diary…

This unit we will be working on diary writing. I found out that I have a lot of things to write about.(e.g adventures vacations and more) diaries are kind of blogs because they tell you about someone’s life. After you practice diary writing your blogs will be way way more descriptive. Are there different ways to write diaries? I found out that diaries are a way to write all of the interesting things you did in your lifetime!  

decorated diaries




On an amazing Monday after lunch we started learning about onomatopoeia.Onomatopoeia means the word from a sound. Everyone choose their own onomatopoeia and we put a picture with it and made a poem. I learned what onomatopoeia means and how to use it. You can use it in a poem after each other. I think it was interesting how the onomatopoeias goes together into a class poem. With this knowledge I can make a poem with onomatopoeia. I have seen a lot of onomatopoeia in poems and stories. How can I make a good poem with onomatopoeia and how many kinds of onomatopoeia are there?

The next step for 4F.

The class took blogging a step further this Wednesday by learning about commenting on a blog post. We had a great discussion about why we comment, then looked at the ladder of feedback as a model for commenting on each other’s posts.  Next, the class came up with sentence starters for each rung of the ladder, and we created a page on the blog for reference (see Comment Protocol) when writing comments.

I firmly believe that this will give students more tools to continue exploring ideas that are relevant to them by validating each other’s ideas, and continuing a dialogue. The process of commenting on blogs will also also continue to reinforce the reading and writing skills of asking questions about texts, making connections, justifying opinions, organizing ideas into paragraphs, and revising written work. It should be interesting to see how topics and activities that were previously discussed resurface.   ladder-150x150

I encourage all of you to help in our online discussion by checking out the comment protocol page, and commenting on any post you like.

Narrative Writing

This amazing week we are finishing our narrative writing on Mr. McCreath’s daughter Josie , It’s really fun because he gave us a picture to write about and we wrote what came in our minds.  The reason it’s really fun because it’s nice to see from other people’s perspective.  There are all sorts of stories there’s one about a cracked ice village, one about Josie being a robber. The stories are crazy, but also interesting because each one is different. We started this writing about a long time ago but we’ve made our stories better and more interesting by revising.  We are starting to make our good copies and typing it on the computer.  I’m looking forward to reading them and writing another one.Photo on 12-4-15 at 13.47 #2

Persuasive writing

This week we did persuasive writing. We took a look at the parts of persuading someone through our writing. We also did a graphic organizer and did our own piece.  I think the activity was quite interesting because we made a class poster on the parts and a graphic organizer to plan. I think that is a good way to learn about it.

This project reminds me of a time that I saw a poster on persuasive writing. It made me think about if it might be handy or if it might be a waste of time. What I will do with all of this persuasive writing information next is try to persuade my parents into getting me and my brother Evan a dog. I learned that you need more than one reason to back up your opinion. You have to have more reasons so that you can convince people to agree with you. I think this is useful because with persuading skills you can convince people to agree. For example if Maia G. wants to play base tag but I want to play cops and robbers I can say ” well if you play cops and robbers you can challenge yourself.” I think that you are fast at running”.” Base tag doesn’t  really use your fastest running and cops and robbers is challenging”. Sometimes I want to have it my way and now that I know how to persuade someone. I can get it my way. Persuasive writing is fun and useful!


Let’s Learn Words

The meaning of the investigation is studying words.There are 11 boxes about the words for example: the definition, sentence and syllables, drawing, suffix, prefix, and words that have similar parts. The most useful box is where it tells the definition. Some skills that we learned are describing the word and finding out where it comes from. These words are connected to UOI, this can help us by giving us a word wall to look at when we don’t know, it also helps us to understand out UOI.