Comment Protocol


Why do we comment?
We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.      Bill Gates

Here are some tips and ideas for leaving comments on any blog post.  Please always keep our school’s values in mind when writing a comment:

We are mindful of the needs and rights of others.
We are honest in our dealings.
We are peaceful in our intentions.
We are responsible in our actions.
We are supportive of each other.

As a class we will always start our posts with a value statement, then choosing one or more from clarify, concern, or suggestion.

Ways to start a value sentence:

  • I really liked the way you…..
  • I agree with…..
  • I enjoyed the part when….
  • I loved the part when….
  • Good job mentioning…..

Ways to start a clarify sentence:

  • Could you please tell me more about….
  • I am not sure about the part where……
  • Can you explain………in a different way?
  • Can you explain ….. for me?

Ways to start a concern sentence:

  • I wonder if….
  • It seems to me like…..
  • I like it but I have a question…
  • I really liked ….. but maybe you can change….

Ways to start a suggest sentence:

  • What if….
  • Maybe you could…..
  • Maybe you could change…
  • Something else you could do think about is….
  • Here’s a suggestion: ….

Remember to always revise your comment for spelling, punctuation, capital letters, organization, and word choice. You never need to sign your post, the system collects your name for you.  But you might want to include a greeting or opening.

Comment as often as you like, on any post, even your own! Take your learning further!

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