Holiday Fun!

What fun the students had at our holiday part on Thursday!  We had cookie decorating, card making, magnet decorating, bingo and wonderful goodies for our afternoon snack. Thank you again to room parents for organizing this great afternoon!

G2 Holiday Party

Paying Attention to Detail

Friday, the students participated in Hour of Code.  Although they had lots of fun, it was hard work reading and following the instructions.




Afterwards, the students shared their thoughts:

Jingyi – “It was difficult to know what to do.  You have to read the instructions so you know what to do.”

Thanina – “When I was reading the instructions, then I could do it and it was more fun.”

Ryu – “You have to tell the computer what to do and then the computer listens to your instructions, but first you have to think about what you want to tell it to do.”

Later on in the day, our Grade 4 Learning Buddies came to us with an art project.  The children were asked to look at, and follow instructions for making three-dimensional snowflakes.





Afterwards, we reflected on why it is important to pay close attention to the details when we give and follow instructions:

Ryu – “Because if we follow the instructions, we can get smarter because we will get to do things that help us learn, like making code on the computer.”

Henry – “When you follow the instructions, you don’t miss out on doing the things that are going to make you learn and go farther in life.”

Sam – “You have fun because you know what to do.”

Seonyul – “If you want to understand the instructions, you have to read all of them, not just one part.”

Ophelia – “Sometimes there are no instructions and you have to just sort things out by yourself, too.”  That makes it harder, but you can still do it.”


Some more photos from the week…

2M Photos From the Week

Grade Two Leads!

Monday we visited the service fair to see what kind of Service Learning is happening in our school and community.  Many of our 2M students were presenters at the fair and talked about their work with the Roots and Shoots club as well as with the community gardening even that some chose to participate in.





Before visiting the fair, the students had been hard at work preparing to lead the Grade Ones in decorating the gingerbread houses which were to be donated to the Orphanage Christmas Party. After returning from the service fair, many of the students made connections between service and our work preparing for the gingerbread house decorating.

“I think that we are doing service when we teach the Grade Ones how to decorate the gingerbread houses.” – Ryu.

“We are leading the Grade Ones by teaching them to decorate.  We are teaching them to be responsible. We are teaching them that they have to be thoughtful of the kids who get the gingerbread houses and that’s why we can’t eat any of the candy or lick our fingers when we re making them.” – Thanina

Teacher:  Why are we making these gingerbread houses?

“Because the kids at the orphanage don’t have their own house and lots of special things so this is something that will make them happy.” – Seonyul

“We will have fun decorating the houses but we will also feel proud of ourselves for helping other people.” – Jingyi

Teacher:  What are we learning?

“We have to do the math for how many kids will be in each group and write what we are going to say to the Grade Ones” – Sam.

Grade Two Leaders

Here are some other photos from our week…

Other 2M photos from November 30-December 4th