Math Talks in 2M

Today, the students looked for the patterns they saw in simple equations where the operations and numbers were reversed.  We are leaning that there are multiple ways to think about even the most simple number sentences.  The more we can explain our thinking and observations in math, the better we can understand how to work with numbers.


Ryu – This helps me to have more math knowledge.

Hamish – The pattens is in the numbers.  The order changes but the number stays the same.

Kane – It is important to learn how adding and subtracting in the opposite way works.

Thanina – We use pluses and minuses with the same numbers and we move the numbers around.

Ali – It helps me because we can switch numbers around to make sums. You know you can use the same three numbers to add or subtract.

Ophelia – The place where the adding or subtraction symbol is doesn’t change, but the order of the numbers changes.

Mary – I can see the same numbers, but the order of the numbers makes the meaning of the number sentence different.

Vivian – When you change the adding or subtracting symbols, the numbers are opposite in order.

Lara – There always had to be three numbers and the plus and minus change.

Saneyuki – There is a connection between the adding sentences and the minus sentences.  The numbers are the same but the answer is different.

2M Looking For Inverse Relationships and Fractions