2M is Thinking!


During our first few days, we asked the students to share their thinking about thinking. Here are some of the students’ ideas:

What do we do when we are thinking?

Reia: Sometimes I tap my food to help me think.

Chan Yen:  My brain goes “boom”!

Owen – You are thinking when you read.

What is thinking?

Mio and Ian – Thinking is wondering. Asking questions.

Koa – Thinking is making things.

Ina and Daisy – Using your brain.

What helps us to think?

Hiro, Lennon and Reina – Our brain.

Ian – Learning new things.

We also shared our thinking about the new school year.  The students were askd to think about Grade 2 in terms of what they are excited about, need to know, wonder or are worried about, and suggestions they have for the year ahead.

What we are excited about….

Haruki – Everything about Grade 2

Reina – Making new friends

Daisy – Friday because we are going to make Kappa Maki

Kimi – Doing different things in Grade 2

Reia – New things to do in Grade 2

Chen Yan – Everything!

Mio – Everyday we do different stuff.

Ian – I am excited to see different things.

Alex – I am excited about computers.

Owen – PE

Koa – Everything!

Lennon – Starting to use the computers.

Hiro – Getting a new teacher.

Things we need to know about Grade Two…..

Kamil – Where are the scissors?

Lennon – Where do we keep the Lego?

Reina- What is on all the shelves?

Noah – Where are the games?

Owen – What is my lunch number?

Our Suggestions for Grade Two….

Owen – Going to the water park.

Chen Yan – More new students!

Miu – A popsicle party when we have a really great day.

Daisy – To have a camp.

Ina – A little tent in our classroom.

Mio – Water play.

Lennon- A sleep over.

What do we wonder about?

Reina and Kate – We wonder if we will have a sleep over in Grade 2.

Koa – I wonder what we will use the projector for?

Reia- I wonder if we will do origami?


We spent some time exploring our math manipulatives and thinking about the learning we can do with them. We are thinking about how we learning together in math and what we like about working in groups:

We like…..

Creating together.

Sorting things out together.

When people listen to us.

When people share.

When we can solve a problem together.

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