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Tuesday, the Grade 2s hosted a Cross-Cultural Lunch to celebrate the learning that took place in our unit about how “People can be enriched by their own cultures and the cultures they connect with throughout their lives”.  We shared a wonderful meal with the parents and teachers who supported our learning throughout the unit. Everyone brought a dish from a culture that they are connected with. We tried new types of food and saw so many dishes from other countries and cultures.

The students were very excited to share their songs and dances as well as show how they are learning to play different instruments. The first song was a welcome song called “People All Around The World”. It showed how some people around the world say, “Hello”. The languages in this song are: English, Japanese, Indian and Fijian. The students had to search for Fiji on the globe and it was very hard to find because the islands were so small! They also made up the actions for this song. The next song was from Africa and was called Humelela. It is about having fun, singing and dancing with your friends. This is a fun song and dance, and the students really like the music that goes with it.

The final song was a Taiwanese indigenous song called Nuin Tapuskuan. It is about students were trying to catch fireflies at night. In the song, the students were are calling to the fireflies, trying to get them to come closer so they can catch them. Some played the xylophone to accompany this song. Everyone had a turn during our Music classes and a few people were lucky enough to play for the performance. Some  also played a ‘soundscape’.


In groups, the dancers created their own short Bollywood-style dances. 2M danced to ‘Chak Dum Dum’.


In Ise Sensei’s Japanese class the students learned about obon-season in August. During Obon, family members get together. At that time, Japanese people believe that the spirits of the deceased come back to this world, so we welcome and entertain them. To show their learning, the students learned a Bon dance called Pokemon-ondo.After our performances, the students shared their learning from Native Japanese, Art and their culture collections.In the Native Japanese class, the students learned about “Keirou no hi”, which is a day to honor our grandparents, great-grandparents and all the elderly people in Japan. It is celebrated on the third Monday of September every year. To show their understanding, students completed a short writing about what they had learned.In Art class, students creating sculptures about a special person with whom they share a special cultural celebration such as: Shichi-Go-San, Children’s Day, Christmas, Ramadan, Halloween, and more.


The students were thrilled to be able to share their culture collections with the parents.  What an exciting and important audience for our young authors.

We asked the children to describe the learning that was happening during the celebration.  Here are some of their thoughts:

“I was (showing) appreciation about other countries’ dances.”

“I think I am open-minded because I am learning about bollywood dancing.  I am (showing) appreciation because I am lucky to learn about bollywood dancing and I am respecting Indian culture.”

“I was caring because I was being careful (of other people’s space when I was dancing).”

“I was caring because I wasn’t pushing people (when I was on stage) and I was a good listener”.

“I was being a thinker because I remembered my space (on stage).”

“I am caring because I was caring about other people’s cultures.”

“I respected the teachers and parents.”

“I was caring when we were dancing in the show.  Ian and Chen Yan were too.  It was exciting.”

“I was communicating because I was helping other people and they were communicating with me.  We were helping each other.”

Please click on the albums below for more photo highlights from our week:

Cultural Celebration

G2 Cross Cultural Lunch

Graphing:  What Cultures are We Connected to in 2M?

2M Graphing

Exploring Poetry

2M Poetry



2 thoughts on “Grade 2 Celebrates

  1. Hi 2M,
    Thank you for the invitation to join you to share your learning. It was clear from Cross Culture lunch that you have been very enriched by many cultures in your life!
    From Ms. Catasti

  2. It is good to see everyone having so much! When I saw this picture I thought I was there! I really miss grade 2.

    From Ophelia

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