A Visit from Musician Kathryn Claire

This week, we had a visit from musician and storyteller, Ms. Claire sang and played a song for us, and then we had the opportunity to create our own song. When creating the song, the children learned about verses, chorus, dynamics, and rhyme. Ms. Claire explained that her songs often tell a story.


The students chose to write a song about “Home”.  Here are some of their ideas from our brainstorm:

Home sweet home

I feel like I’m at home

Oh sweet home

I’ll always return

I’m always excited to go home

I can rest

I memorised the place

When we get home we feel like we don’t want to go out anymore

I never want to leave

I stick to the home

Where you are is home

I play games

I feel happy, safe

I feel cosy

I hear the wind

We haven’t finished the verses yet, but the chorus is finished. Everyone in 2M had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the song so far, and we will finish it with Ms. Mason during Music class next week.  Here is what we have so far!

Finger picking A – G

A               G

Oh, sweet home

A                        G

I memorised the place

A               G        

Oh, sweet home

A                         G

I won’t forget the space

I walk through the door with grace

Please click here to see a video of our class singing the chorus with Ms. Claire.







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