Observing Growing Germs!

In the HS lab, we were able to observe the gems we collected over the past few weeks to see if they had grown at all.  It was interesting to see which surfaces had the most germs.  Some germs had grown into colonies, but some had not quite done so yet.  Next week, we will take another look and hopefully see more!  Mr. Lorimer and the lab assistant, Harumi-san, have been helping us all along the way in our investigation.

The children first predicted where the most germs would have been collected from.

“I think that the germs that will be the biggest are the ones that were from the bottom of my shoe because that is really dirty.”

“I think that the germs we collected from the washroom are the strongest germs so they will grow the biggest”.

“The germs are going to grow a lot because we put them in the jelly and the jelly has sugar in it.  And germs like sugar.”

Please click on the album below to see photos of the students in action!

2M germ observation

They were excited to see so much growth and keen to draw what they saw as well as take notes. We continue to build our skills as scientists. This means being safe in the lab as well. We are making sure that we don’t walk around with our petri dishes and keep them in the middle of our table.

Afterwards, the students reflected:

What did we do?

“Collected germs from different places and put them in the jelly, then kept them warm for two weeks.”

“We observed the germs to see if they are growing.”

“We saw that there are different kinds of germs because they all look different.  Some are fuzzy and colourful.”

Why did we do this?

“So we can see where the germs are.”

“It is fun to look at the germs.”

“We are inquiring.”

What did we learn?

“Sometimes you can see germs. But you can’t see them before they grow.”

“You have to be careful when you are in the science lab.  You don’t want to spill the germs.”

“The shelf had a lot of germs on it.”

“Some jelly didn’t have any germs growing yet.”

“We have to take notes and draw what we saw.”

What next?

“We can go back to see if the germs have grown more.”

“We should remember to wash our hands before we eat.”

“I wonder if all of those germs are bad for our health?”


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