Our thoughtful Grade 2s

This week, the children learned about meditation as part of our unit relating to “Lifestyle choices that people make can affect their health.” We had the chance to practice meditation with Miss Ethel who is a meditation teacher.  She taught us that meditation can “Make you happy, calm your heart and your mind, and help you to be more healthy.”


Some of the ideas the students had about how meditation can affect our body were:

“We can feel calm so we can think.”

“We can relax when we feel bad.”

“Our feelings change when we think about good things.”

“We don’t get really stressed if we meditate.”

“It can help you be happy.”

We practiced three types of meditation.  In the first one, the students sat quietly and repeated the phrases:

“I am a beautiful person.

I am a lovely person.

I love myself exactly as I am.”

In the same meditation, we then repeated to ourselves:

“My toes are smiling.

My ankles are smiling.

My tummy is smiling.

My hair is smiling.

My forehead is smiling.”

We imagined that our whole body was smiling with the idea in mind that if we are smiling in our body, our mood can change for the positive.

The next meditation exercise was to repeat the following phase:

“Peace begins with me.”  For each word, we touched a different finger to our thumb, similar to as if we were counting the words (Peace: index finger to thumb, begins: middle finger to thumb, with: ring finger to thumb, me: pinky finger to thumb.)

IMG_5020Next, we listened to music while sitting quietly with our eyes closed for 5 minutes.  Afterwards we asked the children to tell us what they saw, heard and felt.

I saw…

“My ancestors”

“A blue dragon”

I felt…

“Calm like I was flying in the air.”



I heard…

“The music”

“Different instruments”

“A dragon in the instruments”

Next, each of the students shared a positive affirmation and reflected on how this affects our mood:

IMG_5024“When we think about good things, we can stop thinking about something that is bothering us, even if we don’t forget about the bad things, it is good not to think about them too much.”

Finally, we went outdoors to sit quietly in the sun so that we could listen to the environment around us.

IMG_5030Coming back to our line of inquiry, How the choices people make affect their health, the students had this to say:


IMG_5034“We can do meditation to clear our mind if we have a bad day.”

“In Kyudo (Japanese archery) they said they did that because it helps them relax.  This meditation is also for relaxing.”

“You can find a quiet spot and say happy words without moving your lips.”

“I makes me think that we never need to change who we are, even when we are jealous (of other people).”

“We can always think good things and forget about sad things.”

“I don’t forget about the sad things but it helps me a little.”

“The seniors might like to meditate with us so that we can help them think of good things and feel better.”

“We could choose some music for the seniors to listen to while they relax.”

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