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We are inquiring into how different sources of information help people make healthy choices.  This week, the students practiced gathering information from experts, parent surveys, and recipes, as well as collecting their own data to help them make informed choices that affect their health and the way they feel.

Our visit from the dental experts was an opportunity for students to learn more about how we care for our teeth. We learned from the dentists that not only is brushing and flossing our teeth important for good oral hygiene, but that what we eat and drink also has an effect on our teeth and gums.


2M dentist visitWe had a visit with a nutritionist who helped us think about the minerals and vitamins and nutrients in the foods we choose for our snacks.


2M visit with the nutritionist


In preparation for our visit with the nutritionist, we had been reading about vitamins, minerals and nutrients. When looking at a number of food and nutrition guidelines and thinking about what a balanced meal looks like, some students suggested that we create a pretend “Healthy Restaurant” in our classroom so that we can play and teach others about healthy eating. Although we have yet to decide who we are going to invite to play in our “Healthy Restaurant”, we have started to write our breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and specials menus.  We looked at a number of menus to determine the criteria for our menu writing.


2M creating criteria for writing menus

To learn more about the foods we would like to include in our menus, the students looked up recipes online to find healthy and delicious options.

2M looking at recipes

When reflecting on how reading recipes helps us to make informed choices, some of the students ideas included:

What did we do?

We searched for information about the food in recipes.

Why did we do this?

So we can make a restaurant. Because then we can know how to make food taste delicious.

We can make healthy foods.

We can learn about new foods and if they are healthy or not.

What did we learn?

Researching is good because you know what ingredients are in there because there might be healthy or not healthy food.

If we read more recipes and ask more questions then we will know what we can make.

What next?

I wonder how many healthy foods are in restaurants.

We can make more healthy food (by choosing recipes with healthy ingredients).

This week, the students were asked to record data about how much they move at recess and how it made them feel.  Some students chose to run around the playground during their play times and proudly reported that they had run around the playground 20 times during one recess!  We then wondered how far they had run and set out a plan to determine what the distance was. We have decided to find out how far one lap around the playground is and later we can use that information to determine how far 20 laps around the playground is.

First, we had to think about the most appropriate standard unit of measurement to use and so, we started  with a discussion about millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers. After deciding that we would be most likely to run a number of meters, we went outside to begin to measure.


2M measuring


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  1. Hi 2M,
    Reading about your researching about healthy food, I wonder how you would explain to someone how to make a healthy choice when you go to dine at a restaurant. What would your advice be?

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