Personal Inquiries…

The students in Grade 2 have been inquiring into a topic related to health that they are personally interested in. They began their inquiry by documenting what they already know about their topic. Then they wrote down questions and wonderings about the topic as well as where they will look to find answers as well as what materials or tools they might need along the way.

The students are going to teach each other what they have learned during their personal inquiries. To plan for their inquiries, we asked the students to decide a) what they would like to teach others about and, b) what they want others to learn.  Here are some of their ideas:

I want to teach others about…..


Hygiene and germs

Good bacteria

Bad bacteria


Sugar and Nutrition





I want others to learn…..

What food has good bacteria.

More about hygiene.

What good bacteria does.

How germs make us sick.

Where germs come from.

What bacteria does to our body.

What you can do to avoid bad germs.

What you should and shouldn’t eat.

How we get cavities.

How sugar causes cavities.

How we can fight bad bacteria.

How germs grow.

What foods help our body grow.

How vitamins help the body fight germs.

How does good food help us fight germs.

Why sugar is bad for our body.

That relaxation makes the body strong.

How we can stay clean.

What we can do to relax.

The children reflect on their research sessions by thinking about the following:


As the children work through the inquiry cycle, they are devising new questions, thinking about their thinking, looking for and conducting experiments to collect data, asking experts (i.e. nurse, teacher, kitchen staff) for advice and help, taking notes, drawing diagrams, making observations, taking photos to document their progress and more.
The students are also using this new information to create a video of a perfectly healthy morning as part of our learning about telling time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour.  See the albums below for photos of the students in action this week.

Looking for Answers to Our Personal Inquiries

Personal inquiries

Creating our Perfectly Healthy Morning Videos

Making a video of a perfectly healthy morning

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