Comics as a Means of Communication

This week, Miss Srishti visited the Grade 2s to help us inquire into Comics. Miss Srishti told us that she has always loved comic strips. We talked about comics that we were familiar with or had read before and later looked at many different samples of comic strips. Next, we made a list of all the things that we noticed about them. The most important thing we noticed and realized was that comics send messages. Their main purpose is to entertain, and many of them teach us lessons about life. To help us learn about how to get ideas for comic strips, we watched a video.

From the video, we learned that comic strip writers get a lot of their ideas from things and events around them…problems we have at school, friendship, pranks, and more.

Finally, we got a chance to create our own comics!

On Thursday afternoon, our Grade 9 Buddies (Kenryo, Elena, Grace, Chloe, Kelly, James, Hana, Max, Pheobe, An, Jan, and Toma) visited us. We shared the comics that we made the other day with them. Then we had the chance to make another comic strip. Some of the groups worked together to make one comic and some worked individually. The Grade 9s helped us to think of ideas and gave us advice about how to draw. It was a lot of fun to share this time with them!

G2 HS BuddiesBelow are some of the reflections from our Grade 2 and HS buddies:

Something that worked well was:

  • We had fun sharing our comics!
  • Together, we made great stories.
  • We worked well together.  We listened to each other’s ideas and laughed together.
  • We worked together to improve our drawings.
  • We learned how to make bigger comics that are easier to see.
  • We learned that it is harder to make a comic on our own.  It is easier with friends.

Something we would like to try next time is:

  • We could add even more details to our drawings.
  • Maybe we could finish all the illustrations.
  • We know each other better now, so next time it will be easier to share our ideas together.

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