Draw, Name, Connect, Explain

This week, the Grade 2s visited Oi Bird Park. We are learning to observe and understand the connections between living things in their environment as well as how humans, both challenge and help species to survive.

In preparation for the field trip we asked the children the following questions to get them thinking about our purpose there and how we can achieve that purpose. Here are some of their ideas.

What is our purpose?  

(Why are we going to the Oi Bird Park?)

What skills will we need in order to be successful? How will we act to help us in our learning?
To learn more about animals.

To learn about our unit of inquiry and what people are doing that we should never do.

To learn about how we share the planet.  

We will need our listening skills to listen the teacher and to listen to the animals .

And we have to think about what we see and how we can help the animals so we will use our thinking skills.

We will stay with the teacher so that we are safe.

We will be respectful and not too loud to scare the birds.

We will not litter because this is where the birds live.


While at the park, we used the Draw, Name, Connect, Explain thinking routine as a tool to investigate the park’s living things in their natural environment.

To do this they:

First, they draw the living things and nonliving things that they see at that location. Then, they name the things they drew. Next, they draw a line to show connections between all of the living and non-livings things in that environment.  Next, they explained how these things are connected.

G2 bird park

Next, we will ask the students to Think ( I think I know that…), Puzzle (I wonder if…), Explore (To find out more, I would like to try to….) about their learning at the bird park.  We look forward to hearing more about their thinking!

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