Performing Momotaro For the Senior Citizens

This week, the students demonstrated their communication skills and their commitment to their Service Learning goals. Weeks ago, they decided that they would like to perform a story for the Seniors.

“We want to entertain the Seniors and make them happy”

The students chose the story of Momotaro because they felt that the Seniors would recognize it and be able to follow the plot even though it was performed in English.  They practiced using facial expressions and gestures to communicate the story. The reaction from the Seniors make it clear that the performance was very much enjoyed!

“We used expression and gestures to tell the story”

“This was important so we can make the Seniors enjoy (our story).”

“It was good because we can learn about the play and let the Seniors remember the story and feel like a kid again.”

“I think that they really, really liked it.  It made them feel happy.”

“Even though the Seniors are old, they can still remember being a kid.”

“The Seniors know the Momotaro song!”

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