Visit with Zoorasia Experts to Learn More About the Bali Mynah Bird

The Grade 2s visited Zoorasia to learn about the Bali mynah bird as well as inquire into the habitats of certain endangered animals in living in captivity there. Ahead of our visit, we read about the Bali mynah, watched a video and wrote questions for our trip. Zoorasia provided our grade with a special presentation to learn more about the bird and how Zoorasia is helping to breed them in order to place them back in their native habitat. It is a wonderful example of how people are trying to help the species survive.


The children prepared many thoughtful questions for the zookeepers to answer. Here are the questions we brought to our meeting with the zoologists:

I wonder what the zoo people teach the baby and adult mynahs.

Why don’t the people at the zoo teach the babies to survive?

I wonder why Bali mynahs don’t eat vegetables.

What kind of fruit do mynah birds eat?

What kind of insects do mynah birds eat?

How do they catch the bugs?

Where do they find the insects?

Which plant does the nectar come from?

What do mynah birds do everyday?

Why do mynah birds mimic?

Do they live with their families?

What do they use to make their nests?

Do Bali mynahs hibernate?

How do people catch the Bali mynahs?

Why don’t the mynah birds escape from the humans?

Wouldn’t the mynah birds escape from the humans if the mynah birds noticed the humans?

I wonder why people just want to ignore the law because birds are such an important living thing.

Why can’t people understand that lots of animals are endangered and you should conserve? For example, the Bali myna bird is almost extinct because people are capturing them.

How can the mynah bird sense the predators with their group (flock)?

Will mynah birds be extinct in the future?

How can you breed the Bali mynah and make 100,000,000 birds?

How many Bali mynah birds are there right now?

How can we bring the mynah bird to Bali again?

Why are there no Bali mynah books?

What is the difference between the female and male Mynah birds?

What is the Bali Mynah’s favourite food?

How do zookeepers make (breed) the Bali Mynah?

How many more Bali Mynahs are in the world now?

How long does it take for the Bali Mynah to lay eggs?

Can the Bali Mynah adapt to living in the snow?

Why do people want to have the Bali Mynah as pets?

How many Bali Mynah are in the zoo right now?

What do the Bali Mynah do during the day?

How do the zookeepers get the Bali Mynah into the zoo?

What do the zookeepers do to keep the Bali Mynah safe?



While at the zoo, we observed two Bali mynah birds in captivity as well as several other endangered animals and completed a Draw, Name, Connect, Explain thinking routine for them. This helped us to gain a better understanding about what it is like for animals to live in captivity as opposed to living in their natural habitat.



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