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This week, we will begin our unit on Rivers.

In groups of 3 or 4, use the topographic map of Rose Belle in Mauritius to answer the following questions about the La Chaux River:

  1. What direction is the river flowing?
  2. Describe the area surrounding the river. Shape, inclination, formation etc.
  3. Where do you expect the current of the river to be stronger? Explain your answer
  4. Suggest reasons for the shape of the river. (meanders)
  5. Suggest reasons for the varying widths of the river.
  6. Suggest why there are scrubs on the banks of the river.
Be ready to present and debate your answer with other groups.

The Corporation Discussion

In groups of 3 or 4.

Compare the answers you have collected while watching the movie.

Come to an consensus on the first two questions:

1.  Does the movie contain any biases?

2. What are the main claims made by the movie. For each one, give one supporting argument and a specific example.

  • For question 2, come up with a 2 sentence thesis of the whole movie
  • Give three of the author’s supporting arguments, supported by specific examples
  • For each one, comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the argument
You will present your answers in front of the class and answer questions. 

The Corporation

As you watch the rest of The Corporation, answer the following questions:

1. Does the movie contain any biases? To answer this question, consider the following points:

  • Accurately interprets evidence, statements, graphics, questions, etc.
  • Identifies the salient arguments (reasons and claims), pros and cons
  • Thoughtfully analyzes and evaluates major alternative points of view
  • Draws warranted, judicious, non-fallacious conclusions
  • Justifies key results and procedures, explains assumptions and reasons
  • Fair-mindedly follows where evidence and reasons lead

2. What are the main claims made by the movie. For each one, give one supporting argument and a specific example.

3. On this Google Doc, write down any word or term that you are not familiar with.

Energy War

  • The movie, created by VPRO, a Dutch broadcasting corporation discusses the inverse relationship between oil prices and peace.
  • The new cold war divisions are now between oil producers and oil consumers, forcing peaceful countries to make some unlikely allies.
  • With an in depth case study on the Russia/Georgia conflict.


Question: Comment on, and explain the following statements in a blog post:

1. Climate is the most important factor affecting weathering.

2. Mineral composition, grain size of the rock and the presence of lines of weakness affect the rate of weathering

-Include photos to support your answers
-Mention specific types of chemical and physical weathering you have learned in the past lesson

Individuals and Societies: Blog response on CSR project

Blogging: Students are to go on to their blog and answer the following questions.

  • Put a link and a screen shot of the CSR website on your blog page
  • Do you think your website is effective in teaching people about CSR? Explain your answer.
  • Do you think your website is fair and balanced or is it biased? Explain your answer.
  • How effective was working in a group in creating this website? What was easy and what was difficult about working with your group?
  • Write one paragraph explaining if you think CSR is an effective strategy for a corporation. Use evidence to support your answer?
  • Do you think YIS engages in CSR? Can you give examples.


I will be in Cambodia with the grade 11 students until the 14th of February.

Here are the assignments and due dates for each class:

Individuals and Society: CSR Assessment, due Tuesday February 21st.

Gr. 9 IGCSE Geography: Unit test on Wednesday 8, February and field trip project due Wednesday 15, February.

Gr. 10 IGCSE Geography: Industrial Systems questions and textbook questions # 1 to 4 on page 157-8.  Due Wednesday 15, February  (10A) and Thursday 16, February. (10B)

Gr. 11 IBDP Geography: Sustainability Presentations. See Google Doc for due dates.


Have a wonderful week and an excellent ski break.

See you soon,

Mr. McKeown

Industrial systems

1. Create a table classifying 20 different industries into primary, secondary and tertiary industry sectors.

2. Using the World Bank statistics of percentage of employment per country in agriculture, industry and services, place 10 countries on a triangular graph  that you create.

  • Make sure to include: 2 MEDCs, 2 LEDCs, 2 NICs, 2 OPECs, one RIC and one LLEDC.
3. Comment on the relationship between employment structure and the level of economic development. Give reasons for your answer.

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