1) Choose one of the following products (MacBook, iPhone, a specific sneaker model)  and create an annotated map showing where the material used in the product is from, where the  parts were made and where it was assembled. Annotations must be 10-15 words, explaining WHAT the part is and HOW it is produced. Minimum of 12 annotations should be included and all annotations should be cited.

  • ComicLife can be used or you can hand write the annotations.
  • sourcemap.com is a good starting point
  • Your map must include a title and a key


2) Name and research a single sweatshop and write a three paragraph summary of the working conditions in the sweatshop and the living conditions of its employees.

  • The paragraphs should be cited
  • Include a variety of primary and secondary sources: witness accounts, news reports, pictures, official documents etc.
Assessment Criteria: C* and D
*Modified Criteria:

  • If you chose question 1, criterion C will also include:
    • overall aesthetic of the map is pleasing
    • map demonstrates awareness of cartography conventions