As a class, we will read Apocalypse Tourism, about Belize‘s struggle to attract more tourism to their small country.


What obstacles is Belize facing in attracting more tourism?

What does the author mean by green or eco-friendly tourism? (Also known as eco-tourism)

Why can’t Belize compete with Cancun, Mexico?

What is meant by Apocalypse Tourism? What do you think of this concept?

How would direct international flights from the US help Belize tourism?

Why does the author view a possible transformation of Belize into Cancun as the real apocalyptic event?


Next, have a look at the United Nation World Tourism¬†Organization’s 2011 Tourism Highlights.

Using a blank world map, create a choropleth map depicting the following:

  • Top 10 International tourist arrivals
  • Top 10 International tourist¬†receipts
source: UNWTO 2011 Tourism Highlights
What is the current trend in world toursim depicted on the graph?
What predictions is the UNWTO making about the near future of tourism?