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In groups of three, you are to research a region that is prone to regular river flooding, and detail the impact of a specific major recent flood.

Suggested rivers for research:

  • Ganges (Bangladesh)
  • Mississippi (United States)
  • Red River (Canada)
  • Chao Phraya (Thailand)
  • Niger (Nigeria)
  • Brisbane (Australia)
  • Rhine (Germany)
  • Yangtze (China)
  • Mekong (Vietnam)
  • Brahmaputra (India)

You are to prepare a written report that contains:

  1. At least two paragraphs describing the river system identifying its source, naming major tributaries, identifying primary soil and rock types, etc.

-Make references to the map

  1. A hand-drawn map (text p.24) of the region that is annotated with:

– Areas prone to regular flooding
– Human developments that have impacted flooding
– Main physical features

3. At least two paragraphs outlining the human development around the river and how it has impacted flooding in the region

4. At least three paragraphs outlining a recent flood event and the damages caused
-Human impact
-Economic impact
-Environmental impact

5. An annotated, hand-drawn flood hydrograph (text p.14-15 or p.23) from a recent flood event (i.e. specific year)(Must be the same as #5)

6. At least two paragraphs outlining strategies that could be used to prevent major flooding damage in the future

7. A rough cross-section of the river where it flows through a major populated area
-Include major settlement and physical features

8. At least three photos, labeled and annotated, of the river and/or flooding on the river

Additional requirements:
All graphs, maps, tables must be numbered and referred to in the text.
A bibliography in MLA format with all sources used

Assessment Criteria: A, B & C
Due Wednesday, April 25