Use a blank map to complete the following tasks:

1. Create a key and label the following:

  • 10 largest earthquakes in recorded history
  • 10 largest volcanic eruptions on record
  • Mid-Atlantic ridge
  • Ring of fire
  • Rocky mountain range
  • Himalayan mountain range
  • Andes Mountain range

2. Find an example and draw a labeled diagram of each of the following:

  1. Constructive margins/ divergent plate boundary
  2. Destructive margins/ convergent plate boundary and subduction zone
  3. conservative margin/ transform fault
  4. Hot spot

For each one, use annotations to describe the following:

  • Tectonic process – the types of crust involved, what are the plates called, what actually happens
  • Seismic activity – are there any? At what depth? How regular?
  • Volcanic activity – are there any? If so – what type?