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BBC2 England, Building the Olympic Dream

After unexpectedly winning the bid to stage the Olympic Games in 2012, the authorities waste no time in clearing the land for the Olympic park in East London – inevitably there are winners and losers. The ambition and scale of the project is huge – and resistance to the plans comes from some unexpected quarters.

As you watch the video, take detailed notes on the consequences of the Olympic Park development in Stratford, and the issues facing its residents.

Also, think of the possibility of similar problems happening in Tokyo if its bid for the 2020 Summer Games is accepted.

To host or not to host?

You will be put into 3 groups.

2008 Beijing

2012 London

2016 Rio de Janeiro

HB Marc Olivia
Zion Takeru William
Atsuhiro Waltteri Kei
Rino HR Hero
Seira Katherine Mak

1: Create a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation (10 slides max) describing the benefits and drawback for your city of hosting the Olympic games.

  • The slides may not contain more than 5 words each. They should be used solely as visual aids and prompts, not essay pages.
  • You may not read from a piece of paper or laptop either. All information must be in your own words.
  • Be ready to answer questions from your peers.
  • Use my Diigo library for useful websites
  • Here are some points you may want to consider.

-Tourism Growth

-Income and multiplier effect

-Natural environment


-Demand for labor

-National pride

-Foreign policy goals

-Awareness of sports and health

-Sense of community

-Empowerment of low-income residents

Instead of giving broad generalizations about the benefits and drawbacks of hosting the Olympic games, give examples that are specific to your city.  For example, Beijing’s infrastructure changed drastically before the Olympics; rebuilding entire neighborhoods, adding highways and subway lines and moving factories further away from the Capital. The city was quite literally unrecognizable once all had been built. On the other hand London, which granted is also making significant changes,  is taking a much more conservative approach with a mix of new venues, existing and historic sites, and temporary facilities. London will still very much look like London after the games.

2. Paying close attention to command terms, answer the following question, specific to your city:

Beijing: Many migrant workers were forcibly removed from the city once the construction of the Olympic sites had been completed. Discuss the plight of those migrant workers and evaluate the government’s actions. Use proper sourcing to back up your argument.

London: The total cost of the London Games is being estimated as high as  £24 billion, mostly paid for by taxpayers. Discuss the likeliness of London 2012 being profitable for Londoners, and the consequences this entails for the city. Use proper sourcing to back up your argument.

Rio De Jianero: One of the biggest challenge for Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic success is to make the city safe for tourists, especially in the famous Favelas, or shantytown, which had been controlled by drug gangs for years, making the areas violent, dangerous, unsanitary and often devoid of basic services like electricity, garbage disposal and running water. Describe the government’s plan to embellish favelas, and assess its success thus far. Use proper sourcing to back up your argument.





Rio de Janeiro

IGCSE Geography 9. All Study Guides

Click here for the Google Drive folder of all study Guides for this year.


Sports Tourism: The Olympic Games

Here are the readings for today’s lesson:

What is the real price of the London Olympics.

The Cost of the Beijing Olympics

 Rio 2016: Will Brazil be Ready for the Olympics?

OLYMPICS/ Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid make cut for 2020 bids

Grade 10 non-IGCSE exam.

Here is the exam non-IGCSE students will be answering on Wednesday, May 30th, at 10:40 in room M203.

Volcanic features

Using the following sources, answer the questions below:

USGS What are volcano hazards?

USGS Photo Glossary of volcanic terms

USGS Poster

Youtube: USGS Mt St Helens Eruption, May 18, 1980

Google Earth

Mt. St Helens Eruption Images:

Dome collapse and pyroclastic flow at Unzen Volcano


1. What is the difference between risk, hazard and disaster. (Individual answer)

2. In groups of 2 or 3, complete one slide of this presentation.

  • Each slide should include a definition, a picture, and a named example.
  • As you present, groups will discuss one event when their feature occurred, and it’s human, environmental and economic consequences. (Do not put this on the slide)
You have 20 minutes.



I will be absent Friday 11 and Monday 14

Here are your assignments during my absence:

IB 11: Work on IAs. All graphing due on Wednesday.

  • Happy birthday Yannick and Manami!
IGCSE 10: Study for Tuesday’s exam. Matthew: work on Antarctica questions.
  • Due: Wednesday, May 23rd.

Individuals and Societies, 9: Prepare for Monday’s field trip.

  • Make sure all surveys are ready.
  • Perform at least one pilot survey with a partner
  • Make sure all your material is printed BEFORE Monday. You will not have ANY time to print on Monday morning.

On Monday:

  • Be in room M203 at 8:20 AM. We leave at 8:30
  • All printing must be done BEFORE Monday (no exceptions)
  • Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly (hats, windbreakers, etc)
  • Bring sunscreen
  • Check your school email before 7 AM for possible rain cancellation. 
  • Pack a lunch or bring enough money to buy food on location (the school will not provide food)
  • I will provide clipboards, you bring everything else (papers, pens, camera etc)
  • Make sure camera batteries are full, and memory cards empty
  • Email me if you have any questions

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