Aljazeera’s Empire program discusses the Syrian crisis with a panel of experts:

  • Nikolaos van Dam, former diplomat, Middle East scholar and author
  • Robert Fisk, author and journalist for The Independent. Based in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Anas Al-Abdah, Chairman of the opposition movement for justice and development, member of the secretariat general of the syrian national council.

As global and regional powers fight their own battles, will Syria’s revolution succeed before the country falls apart?

Once you’ve completed the vocabulary, complete the questions below.

Explain why some people are reluctant to arm the Syrian opposition.
What is the international community’s position towards Al-Assad’s regime?
Why are China and Russia opposed to the UN’s sanctions?
Why are people critical of Kofi Annan’s mission in Syria?
Why is Iran eager to support the Al-Assad regime?
Why is Saudi Arabia opposed to the regime?
With what you have learned so far, what solution do you see to ending the conflict in Syria?

Due: Tuesday August 28th