I will be in Hong Kong until Tuesday for a profesional Seminar.

Friday September 27

IGCSE Geography: Unit test

Grade 9D Individuals and Society: In groups, work on the Utopia project

Gr 12 HL Geography: Complete last week’s questions. Due Friday, October 5th.

Monday, October 1st

Grade 10 IGCSE: Complete this document on tropical deserts.  Due next class.

Gr 12 Geography: In groups of 2 or 3, answer these questions.

Grade 9B, Individuals and Societies: In groups, work on the Utopia project

Tuesday, October 2nd

Grade 9D, Individuals and Societies: Continue working on the Utopia Project. Due next class, Oct 3rd. If you finish early, work on your 30 second government advertisement

Grade 9B, Individuals and Societies:  Continue working on the Utopia Project. Due next class, Oct 4th.

Grade 10, Individuals and Societies: You will be given a copy of By Any Other Name, by by Santha Rama Rau. Read it and answer these questions. While you read, think of The Building of Global Empires text we read last class, by Jerry Bentley and Gerbert Ziegler.