Month: October 2012

The Green Revolution


Homework: Read Nagle & Cooke p. 255 to 266 and answers questions on p. 256 and 262

Health Review and Food introduction

Health review:

1: Evaluate Health Adjusted Life Expectancy as an indicator of a country’s health.  [4]

2: Naming a specific region, explain the reason for a country to have an elevated HALE index. [6]

3: Discuss the geographic factors that determine the relative emphasis placed by policy‑makers, in one country or region, on prevention as opposed to treatment of disease. [10]

2 minutes/points: 40 minutes

Food intro

Identify global patterns of calorie intake as one measure of food availability.

Distinguish between malnutrition, temporary hunger,chronic hunger and famine.

Discuss the concept of food security

HL: ICT penetration Case studies


source: UN Digital Divide report, 2005

IB Learning outcome: Examine the contrasting rates, levels and patterns of adoption of an element of ICT in two countries.

Discuss: What are the patterns and trends of internet usage depicted in the presentation, interactive map and graphs?

In your group, using, and the UN Digital Divide report, describe the following trends in Internet usage for 2 countries of your choice:

  1. Growth rate of internet users over time (population penetration)
  2. Differentiation by age group (digital divide)
  3. Regional inequalities within your country (digital divide)
  4. Point of access (home, work, internet cafes etc)
  5. Main usage (games, email, shoppnig etc.)
  6. Government restrictions

Then, Using the information you have collected, created an outline answering the following question:

Examine the following statement: Elements of Information and Communication Technologies (such as the internet) have very different levels of adoption globally.”  [15 Marks]



Imperialism: A crash course

You will soon be asked to create a group project depicting the traditional history and the people’s history of a specific empire. As you watch these videos on imperialism and history, write down various topics, regions, ideas that you would like to research in greater depth.

Orwell and Imperialism

Today, Mr. Redlich will speak in our class about George Orwell and his views towards colonialism.

Make sure to have read both readings and this document before class.

Empires: Colonizers and colonized

By now, we have read:

In your groups, write a short letter to an imaginary friend or relative as one of the following person, depicting, from that person’s point of view, the events described in the story. Be imaginative and include as many details as possible.

  • Santha Rama Rau’s headmistress
  • A Burmese onlooker at the killing of the elephant
  • The elephant owner


Homework: Read Orwell’s A hanging for tomorrow, Wednesday.

AIDS: Prevention vs treatment

What is HIV/AIDS?

  • What risk factors of HIV and AIDS are identified ?
  • Would you consider yourself to be at risk from HIV and AIDS ?
  • What social factors do think could increase the risk for people to contact HIV and AIDS?

HIV/AIDS prevention in Thailand:

As you watch the video, consider the geographic factors that influence policy‑makers in Thailand on prevention as opposed to treatment of HIV and AIDS.

As a group, fill in this table based on the video.


Introduction to China’s Modern History

As we read the text together, take detailed on the major events that shaped moderns China.

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