source: UN Digital Divide report, 2005

IB Learning outcome: Examine the contrasting rates, levels and patterns of adoption of an element of ICT in two countries.

Discuss: What are the patterns and trends of internet usage depicted in the presentation, interactive map and graphs?

In your group, using, and the UN Digital Divide report, describe the following trends in Internet usage for 2 countries of your choice:

  1. Growth rate of internet users over time (population penetration)
  2. Differentiation by age group (digital divide)
  3. Regional inequalities within your country (digital divide)
  4. Point of access (home, work, internet cafes etc)
  5. Main usage (games, email, shoppnig etc.)
  6. Government restrictions

Then, Using the information you have collected, created an outline answering the following question:

Examine the following statement: Elements of Information and Communication Technologies (such as the internet) have very different levels of adoption globally.”  [15 Marks]