In June 2012, delegations from over 100 countries, heads of states, NGOs and activists gathered at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio. Their aim was to discuss pressing environmental issues and try to create new rules and regulations to ensure the environmental sustainability of the world we live in.

In groups, explore the National Geographic website on the conference.

Each group will be assigned one of the following theme:

Food, Water, Energy, Oceans and Cities

For period 2, prepare a short presentation depicting one or a few issues related to your topic.

Your presentation should include the following:

  • Your own definition of sustainability in the context of your topic (2 or 3 sentences)
  • Your own definition of scarcity in the context of your topic (2 or 3 sentences)
  • A description of one or many pressing environmental issues related to your topic (this can be a specific case study)
  • A list of factors causing the environmental problems you have described
  • Best and worst case scenarios for the future of your topic (What will possibly happen in the future?)
  • Two thought-provoking discussion questions to ask your peers at the end of your presentation.

All groups will present during period 2.

  • Presentation: 5 minutes
  • Discussion: 3 minutes