Now that we have our subsistance farming case study (Zapotec Indians of Mexico) it is time for you to research your own commercial farming case study. What is commercial farming? What is agribusiness?

Objective: Describe the influence of natural and human inputs on the processes and outputs of  a large-scale system of commercial farming. such as plantation agriculture or extensive commercial cereal farming or extensive livestock production, etc., to illustrate a large-scale system of commercial farming.

Each case study should include:

  • natural inputs (relief, climate and soil)
  • human inputs (economic, social, political).

Describe each input’s influences on the scale of production

Describe the methods of organization and production.

Have a map and a graphic organizer describing the inputs, processes and outputs of your case study.

Presentation: Poster, 5 minute presentation or video.

You have today’s double period. Due Monday.