1. The Corporation: This documentary film was made after the US Supreme court reorganized some corporations rights to be the same as those of people. (Corporations could be sued, or file lawsuits, as individuals, detached from their owners and workers.) The filmmakers then pondered the kind of person a corporation would be, based on past actions, by analyzing their actions as a psychiatrist would.

  • As you watch the clip, how is music and tone of language used? What bias do you think the documentary might have?
  • Why does the documentary repeat the phrase “bad apples”? Are there other metaphors used in the clip?
  • What images does the filmaker use? Why does the filmaker choose to use this imagery?
  • How is “corporation” defined?
2. Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh

  • As you watch the video, list the infractions committed by Nike and its contractors, and group them in categories related to the Definition of CSR we have studied.
Then, have a look at  Nike Inc.’s Corporate Social Responsibility website, with particular attention to labor conditions and audits.
  • Using the Definition of CSR we have studied, explain how Nike is following three of the points listed in the article.