In class, we have been discussing corporate social responsibility and the different things corporations can do to improve their image in the eyes of consumers.

Today, you will investigate a corporation’s reaction to a major gaffe.

A gaffe is an unintentional action or remark causing embarrassment to it’s originator. i.e. a blunder.


1: Find a gaffe that has received national or international media attention.

2: Describe the chronology and cause of the gaffe

3: Describe the immediate reaction to the gaffe: Public outcry, bad press, drop in sales, legal proceedings etc.

4: Describe the corporation’s reaction to the gaffe: how they solved the problem AND what they did to restore their corporate image in the eyes of their consumers.

5: In your opinion, how successful was the corporation’s response? Is the company’s image still tarnished? Are sales back to their pre-gaffe levels? Higher? Explain your answer

Assessment: Criterion B