The IB guide reads:

  • Discuss the conflicts that arise from competing land uses and from attempts to manage coastal hazards (tsunamis and storm surges, erosion, cliff failure), pollution, habitat restoration and aquaculture.
  • Case study: Describe the conflicting pressures on a particular coastline.
    • Discuss the management strategies adopted to resolve these pressures and evaluate their effectiveness.

Part 1:

Each of you will read one of the following articles and explain how the competing land uses lead to conflict, and evaluate  the attempts made to manage the issue.

-Fishermen turned tourist guide

-Offshore windfarm could damage marine life and ruin one of Wales’ most beautiful coastal landscapes

Runoff from Iowa farms growing concern in Gulf (do not watch the video as you will watch it together in part 2)

Part 2: 

When you’re done, watch these videos in groups and quickly discuss the issues presented.

  • Discuss the conflicts that arise from competing land uses
  • What attempts have been made to manage coastal hazards?

Part 3:

Individually or in a group read Codrington p. 260-267 (management strategies)

– Then, individually answer p. 262 Block 6N 1, 2 and p.267 Block 6o, 1, 2 & 3

Due on Tuesday, March 5th.