The IGCSE guide reads: Describe and explain the growth of leisure facilities and tourism in relation to the main attractions of the physical and human landscape in an area or areas selected for study.

Part 1, Intro: Due today.

In your table groups, have each person read one of the following article.

UK workers get least paid leave

Egypt Courting Iranians for Tourism

-Venice Tourist Ship rattles Windows and Nerves


Airbus and AirAsia announce record deal for 200 planes

1. Take turns sharing your article with your group, explaining the main points and the benefits and drawbacks of tourism on the community and/or environment in question.

2. As a group, create a Google doc to answer the following questions. Refer to the articles in your answers. Make sure to share the Google doc with me.

  1. Why do people travel? List at least 5 reasons.
  2. What advantages does travel have for tourists?
  3. What advantages does travel have for the host country or region?
  4. What disadvantages does tourism have for the host country or region?

Part 2: Due on Thursday, March 7

Have a glance at the United Nation World Tourism Organization’s Tourism Highlight report, 2012 Edition (pdf.)

Use it to answer the following questions individually:

  1. What were the top three countries in terms in international arrivals in 2011?
  2. What were the top three countries in terms of international receipts in 2011?
  3. Explain the difference in patterns depicted by your answers of question 1 and 2.
  4. Describe the recent trends of tourism in Africa.
  5. Describe the changes in international tourist arrivals between 1950 and 2010. (p.14)
  6. In your opinion, why has tourism increased since the 1950s?

If you finish early, read The New Wider World, p. 160-176