Farming has become increasingly intensive, large scale, and globalised in the drive for cheaper food.
Advances in technology and communications have combined with falls in the cost of transport to transform the way in which food is sourced.
The concentration of power in retailing and food processing has affected farmers in LEDC’s and small farmers in MEDC’s.

What is the Green revolution?
What is organic farming?
What are food miles?
What part of food production don’t food miles take into account?
To what extent are you concerned about the future of food availability?
TOK p. 98

Class Google Document:

Clip 1:
Identify [provide an answer from a number of possibilities] the effects of agro-industrialization and changes in international production and consumption on the physical environment.

Clip 2: Case study

Take detailed notes, evaluating the costs and benefits, of potato farming in Egypt.

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