For the following week, write down every purchase you or your family makes.


  • Yearly school fee (divided by 52 weeks)
  • Take notes of your purchases / iPhone or notebook
  • Keep receipts (purchase + medical + clothes)
  • Zest account –> password
  • internet/cell phone costs?
  • Pasmo/Suica price or week cost of a long term pass
  • Grocery price (divided by # of family members)
  • Utility bills (divided by # of family members)
  • Cost of house (rent/mortgage/property tax)
  • other personal expenses i.e. hockey practice

You will present your data on a pie chart with the following categories:
Utilities, food, transportation, education, housing, necessary miscellaneous and personal miscellaneous.

You will have one period on the due date to complete your pie chart:
9A & B: Thursday March 21st
9C & D: Friday March 22nd