In the past few weeks, we have been discussing the history and purpose of money. We have seen how money works and how it can create growth, but also problems among people and societies.

Now imagine a world without money?

Part 1, 10 – 15 minutes:

Discuss with your table group what a world without money would look like? What kind of work would people do? What conflicts would arise? What would be better? How would governments function? Would society keep “evolving?” Would schools be the same? What would your life look like?

Part 2: Watch this video of a clip taken from the documentary Zeitgeist: Addendum, a very left-leaning movie on the dark side of our money-based economy and the idea of a world without money. In this clip,  Jacques Fresco and Roxanne Meadows explain their vision of a world without money.

Part 3: 

Create new groups of 3 or 4, trying not to sit with anyone from your usual  table.

Create a google doc (Share it with me and title it World Without Money Questions, Name #1, Name #2 etc.)  to answer the following questions. Please answer them in order and as a group, discussing each one as you go. Do not assign a question per student in the group.

  1. What was your overall impression of the video? Discuss the different views and any disagreements your group may have.
  2. Did the video change any of the views you had on a world without money before watching it?
  3. Research and write a short, 1 paragraph biography of Jacques Fresco. Are there any controversies surrounding him?
  4. Find a few pictures of  architectural structures created by Jacques Fresco. Comment on each one. Are his ideas apparent in his work?
  5. What is Project Venus? Describe the main ideas and concepts.
  6. Do you think Project Venus is realistic? Explain your answer.