1: Draw the Kuznets curve.

2: Annotate the graph to explain why many polluting industries have relocated to developing countries

3. Draw the graph comparing air pollution in developing and developed countries

4. Annotate the graph to explain the reasons for the trends.

Video: Guiyu: E-wasteland of the world

Selection of Plant Location for Establishing a Chemical Industry

Global Mergers &Acquisitions : Shifting the global chemical industry balance

IB Style question: Discuss the reasons for and consequences of the relocation of polluting industries in LEDCs. 

In 5 minutes, write an outline for this question.

Transboundary Pollution

Review from the Hazards unit: Greenfacts about Chernobyl, International Response to the Chernobyl accident

1. Draw a labeled map of Europe showing the spread of radiation in Chernobyl over time.

2. IB Style Questiopns:

Examine the international consequences of and responses to Chernobyl. [15]

P 131, Q2.

Public pressure stops French Nuclear Export to Russia

Homework, read chapters 10 and 11.