Month: August 2013

InS 10: Current events: Syria

For our first unit, we will discuss the current Syrian conflict. As we explore the civil war which may soon turn into an international conflict, we will explore the reasons people wage war and analyze the resources available to us when trying to learn more about war. Being such a divisive issue, war is a difficult topic to read and write about, since most reporters will have some form of bias when reporting on the events, as well as the challenges of getting and corroborating information in war zones.

First, what do we know about the Syria, its history and the current conflict?


Have a look at the excellent coverage of the Syrian conflict on Aljazeera’s Live Syria Blog

Exercise 1:

Read Syria’s Role in the Middle East and answer the questions as a group.


Welcome to Individuals and Societies 8

Your first assignment is to tell me at little about yourself. One of the major concepts we will study this year is the role the individual plays in a larger community. So to share who you are with your class community you are going to create a 5 Picture Story.

The requirements:

  • Use Google Presentation. You should set the share settings to “Public”
  • 5 Slides with 1 large picture and no more than 3 words per slide
  • If you have been at YIS before, you must use Creative Commons images.
  • Slide 1: A picture that represents you
  • Slide 2: A picture that represents the favorite thing you studied last year in Humanities
  • Slide 3: A picture representing what type of learner you are
  • Slide 4: A picture representing your goals for the year (doesn’t have to be related to Humanities)
  • Slide 5: Your choice of slide.

When you are done, you are to embed it on your blog, categorize it in 8th grade Humanities and post a link to it on this google doc.

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