Your first assignment is to tell me at little about yourself. One of the major concepts we will study this year is the role the individual plays in a larger community. So to share who you are with your class community you are going to create a 5 Picture Story.

The requirements:

  • Use Google Presentation. You should set the share settings to “Public”
  • 5 Slides with 1 large picture and no more than 3 words per slide
  • If you have been at YIS before, you must use Creative Commons images.
  • Slide 1: A picture that represents you
  • Slide 2: A picture that represents the favorite thing you studied last year in Humanities
  • Slide 3: A picture representing what type of learner you are
  • Slide 4: A picture representing your goals for the year (doesn’t have to be related to Humanities)
  • Slide 5: Your choice of slide.

When you are done, you are to embed it on your blog, categorize it in 8th grade Humanities and post a link to it on this google doc.