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Video resources for Kiva Pitch

Aid vs Trade

What is an Elevator pitch?

What is micro financing?

InS 8: Religions research project

Today we will create the research questions for our second summative assessment of the Religions unit.

First, let’s discuss command terms.

Project: Religions Research Project and TSC

You need to have your research question ready and approved by your teacher by the end of today’s class.

Due date on Veracross


InS 10: How to Write a Good Qualitative Research Question

Today, you will write your research question for your Syria scrapbook.


A research question is statement that provides the major objective or intent or roadmap to the study.

1. Does the question deal with a topic or issue that interests me enough to spark my own thoughts and opinions?

2. Is the question easily and fully researchable?

3. What type of information do I need to answer the research question?

4. Is the scope of this information reasonable? (e.g., can I really research 30 on-line writing programs developed over a span of 10 years?)

5. Given the type and scope of the information that I need, is my question too broad, too narrow, or o.k.?

6. What sources will have the type of information that I need to answer the research question (journals, books, internet resources, government documents, people)?

7. Can I access these sources?

Typhoon day!

For more information on today’s typhoon, have a look at the Japan Meteorological Angeny’s Tropical information page, and the excellent animated maps of Japan’s National Center of Science. IB students, we will be studying typhoons and hurricanes next semester in the hazards unit.

Here is the assigned work for today:

IB Geography:

  • Complete the essay on migration. Due next class.
  • We will finish the ppt and the group work on Lee’s migration model next class.
  • Also, remember that your first exam will be next week. This could be a good day to read chapter 1 of your textbook, population in transition.

InS 10:

  • Continue working on the Syria Project
  • I expect you to complete another article analysis by next class, Wednesday.
Have a nice day. Stay safe and enjoy this amazing natural phenomenon.






I will be absent on Friday, September 13.

Good day,

I will be with the HS baseball team today, hosting the Dragon’s Classic tournament at YCAC.

Here is the assigned work for today:

Grade 10 InS:

  • The substitute teacher will give you your marked article analyses back.
  • Please read over my comments and take them into consideration as you write your first entry for the Syria Project.
  • If you are still uncomfortable with article analysis, just follow the OPVL model. Remember that this is NOT an opinion piece. It is an analysis of the article’s validity, meaning and overall usefulness for your Syria project.
  • I will check that you have completed a full analysis next class. If you finish early, start looking for a second article.
Grade 9 InS:
  • Period 1: Work on your Thai issues presentation. You will present next class
  • Period 2: Work on your Kiva Project. I expect you to find a recipient and start researching the country and the type of loan.
  • Take detailed notes, as I will check your progress next class.
IB Geography:

Grade 8 InS:

  • In your teams, work on your World Religion Project
  • Remember that is is due next class, Tuesday September 17.
  • Use the TSC to make sure you haven;t forgotten anything.
  • If you finish early, begin practicing your presentations.

InS9: Kiva Pitch

Today we will begin working on our first summative assessment: The Kiva Pitch

The presentations will be done in front of all InS9 classes, teachers and some administrative staff during th eweek of October 7th to 11th.

Population policies in Cambodia

Have a look at my Grade 11 student’s video on poluation policies in Cambodia.


IB11 Geo: Movement Responses: Migration

In class today we will discuss the causes of migration.

In groups:

Using a national migration movement that has occurred in recent times, created an annotated graphic of the movement using Lee’s migration model. (You may use China’s rural to urban migration or the Papua New Guinea Case study in Codrington p. 40-45)

Then, answer the following questions:

  • Considering the living standards at the destination, do you think that the migrants considered carefully whether or not they would migrate? Explain your answer.
  • Do you think push or pull factors were more important in influencing the migration?

Be ready to show your model and discuss your answers with the class.

Next class: I will be away on Friday for the HS Baseball Tournament

You will write a 5 paragraph essay answering the following question: Evaluate an international migrations in terms of their geographic (S.P.E.E.D) impacts at their origins and destinations.


  • Fully understand the command term and what is expected of you. (deconstruct it)
  • Establish context
  • Refer to models (apply it to your CS if possible)
  • Give reasons for the migration
  • ™Analyze initiatives being implemented to adress problems
  • ™Evaluate key players involved in the conflict
  • ™Use up to date maps, graphs and statistics
Possible Case studies:
  • Cambodia to Thailand ***™
  • Somalia Refugees
  • ™Afghan Refugees
  • Syrian Refugees
  • ™USA/Mexico border crossing
  • ™Filipino Women Migrant workers
  • Turkey to Germany
  • Immigration into Nigeria
  • Zimbabwe to South Africa

Due: TBA


InS10: Syrian Conflict Portfolio


As a class, we will read and discuss First Person: The Dark Knights of the Syrian Opposition. The author is Richard Engel, Chief Foreign Correspondent at NBC News.


In the past weeks, we have discussed the nature of conflict and the way it is portrayed in the media. We have also analyzed a news article on the Syrian conflict. Now is the time to use all this information and form a detailed, researched and well balanced opinion on one aspect of the Syrian conflict which you find particularly interesting.

Here is your first summative assessment and TSC: Current Events Portfolio: Syria

Due Date: October 11


Tutor Period Session: Goal setting

Here is the spreadsheet you are to complete today.

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