Good morning,

Here we go again with another typhoon day. Make sure to have a look at the Japanese Meteorological Agency’s website.  And as always, here is a little video on Typhoons, Hurricanes and tropical storms.

Here are the assignments for today:

Grade 9 I&S: No work assigned. As we have just finished a unit, you do not have any work on the new one. Enjoy the time off.

Grade 10 I&S10: Work on the Syria project. As we will also miss class on Friday for BTG, the project deadline has been pushed back to Tuesday, October 29th, at the beginning of class. Make sure to come pick up your scrapbook tomorrow or Friday. Feel free to email me if  you have any questions… you’re welcome!

IB Geography, group 2: Complete the El Nino / La Nina case study and the Carbon Cycle questions. Both are due Wednesday, October 30th. Check your email for a copy of the related powerpoint presentations.

Stay dry,

Mr. M