We have been discussing disparity in many different areas such as wealth, housing, land ownership etc.

In an attempt to improve living standards worldwide, the 189 member countries of the United Nations have created a set of 8 goals to reduce this disparity. The original plan was to achieve these goals by 2015.

Have a look at these links:


What has been achieved


MDGs Three Essays

Examine the progress made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in poverty reduction, education and health.

  • Each essay will focus on a different MDG relating to poverty, education and health
  • Intro: Briefly explain the MDG and the overall success in meeting the 2015 goal.
  • Body: Give one specific example of a region where this specific goal has been reached, or has made significant improvement. using specific examples of the strategies, explain how this was achieved.
  • Body: Give one specific example of a region where the MDG has had no or negative progress. Explain the reasons for this.
  • You will have 2 double periods to work on this
  • My Diigo has many resources
  • You can research as a group, but you must write your own essays

Due date: TBD

Each essay should:

  • Max 300 words
  • include at least one map
  • include at least one table
  • include at least one graph
  • Have appropriate vocabulary – relative poverty, absolute poverty etc.
  • have an appropriate structure (Introduction, thesis statement, body and conclusion
  • refer to at least THREE different sources, with in-text citations and MLA Bibliography