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IB Holiday Homework

There is no formal homework for any of my classes this holiday break.

Instead, you should watch a documentary film related to an issue we have studied in class this semester and be ready to discuss it during the first class of January.

Here are some suggestions, but you can rent a DVD or browse sites like youtube or if you want to find something that really interests you.

Remember, the course topics are:

  • P1: Population in Transition
  • P1: Disparities in Wealth in Development
  • P1: Patterns in Environmental Quality and Sustainability
  • P1:Patterns in resource consumptions
  • P2: Oceans and their Coastal Margins
  • P2: Hazards and Disasters
  • P2: The Geography of Food and Health
  • P3: HL extension: Globalization (see all topics)

Here are a few suggestions

Addicted to Aid (disparity, HL extension, food)

Demographic Winter (population)

Earthlings (food)

Acidic Oceans (coasts)

Life and Debt (development, aid, financial flows, disparity)

Welcome to Lagos. (development, urbanization, disparity)

China from the Inside (development, disparity)

How the Banks Won (financial flows)

Sicko (health, disparity)

The Inside Job (financial flows, development, disparity)

The Oil Factor (financial flows, resources, environment)

Fuel (financial flows, resources, environment)

Manufactured Landscapes (development, disparity)

Flow: For Love of Water (food, development, environment, disparity)

Deep sea (coasts)

The Death of Oceans (coasts)

The Cove (coasts)

The 11th Hour (resources, environment)

Earth: The Climate Wars (environment)

The End of the Line (coasts, food)

Syria, Songs of Defiance (violence), (Disparity, HL extension)

Occupation 101: Voices of the silent Majority (violence), (Disparity, HL extension)

Tears of Gaza (violence), (Disparity, HL extension)

The Future of Food (food and health)

What in the World are they Spraying?  (Food and health)
The World According to Monsanto (food and health)

Fast Food, Fat Profits  (food and health)

Super Hurricanes (hazards)

When the levees broke (hazard)

Japan’s Killer quake (hazards)

Then and Now: Ishinomaki (hazards)

Inside Tchernobyl (hazards, HL extension)

The Battle of Chernobyl (Hazards, HL extension)

Chernobyl Heart (Hazards, HL extension)

Arctic Meltdown


Have a wonderful holiday! Get lots or rest and have fun!!!!!


Unincorporated companies to Corporations

1) Read the discussion on types of business

2) Write the pros and cons of each business type and draw a diagram showing how they are structured

3) Draw a comic strip, showing the growth of a business from a sole proprietor to partnership to corporation

People vs. Profit

1. What is your opinion of these companies? If you had to describe each one as a person, what kind of person would it be?

2. Read this description of Corporate Social Responsibility. In groups, you will each create one slide for this ppt describing one of the key aspects of CSR, and giving one example.

IB 11: Who owns the Arctic? Canada vs The World!


Related articles:

UNCLOS on wikipedia

BBC: Arctic Gold Rush

GEOTIMES: Russia Claims Arctic Land

IB Style Questions:

1. What rights and responsibilities does a country posses when it has sovereignty over an area of ocean? [5]

2. Explain two differences between sovereignty rights and EEZs. [2+2]

3. Choose a current (ongoing) geopolitical conflict over an ocean resource that is not fishing. Describe the conflict and its implications and then suggest a realistic solution to the conflict. [10]

Grade 8 Humanities: Infographic


Our unit question has been “What is progress?” Your job is to create an infographic about one country of your choice that shows you understand what progress (economic, social, cultural) is when studying development. See project

Have a look at Ms. Cofino’s blog for some cool tips on graphing and presenting your ideas visually. 

Due MOnday at the end of class.

IB: Ocean pollution

Discuss the implications of the pollution of oceans by the disposal of radioactive material, oil and chemical waste.


The Pacific Gyre Garbage Patch

Nuclear Waste

Chemical Waste:

Marine pollution:


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