Month: April 2014

InS10: Syria Review

You should all have been reading up on recent events taking place in Syria.

Useful links: Study guideOPVL strategies, criterions A and C.

Exercise 1: Read one of the following editorials and write a complete, 4 paragraph OPVL.

Part 2: As you watch the video, take detailed notes on the current situation in Syria focusing on the changes that have occurred in recent months. (Since we finished the Syria portfolio)

Gr. 8: Urban settlement

Yesterday, we went to look at Yokohama city and examined some of its land uses.

Today, we will look at the different functions of settlements. Answer all questions on p. 153

Then, we will work on map skills in EMS, p.86

InS final exams study guides

All InS students will be having 90 minute exams next week. Here are the study guides:

InS 9: Tuesday April 29, 9:10AM

InS10: Friday May 2nd, 9:10AM

Intorduction to Edo cont’d

As a preparation for your research essay on the Edo period, we will be discussing various issue related to the Edo era.

As we watch and discuss the various videos, think of possible research topics for your essay.

Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo, (The bodyguard) opening sequence.

How does the clip differ from the traditional view of the samurai?

Can you explain why the character is wandering aimlessly?

Do you know the story of the 47 Ronins? What does it say about the role of samurais in the Edo period?

Edo History

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