What is globalization?


 Exercise 1: Each table will read one of the following articles and explain its core ideas to the rest of the class:

A theory of Everything (Sort of)

Space Wifi

Where did the Anti-Globalization Movement go?

Does Globalization bring War or Peace?

Globalization is making the world a better place

Globalization: It’s impact on Indigenous communities. 

Exercise 2: You are going to work in groups brainstorming how you are influenced by, or influence globalization. Each group will be given the following heading:

  1. Transport and communications technology, globalization and me
  2. Economic interactions and flows, globalization and me
  3. Environmental change, globalization and me
  4. Socio-cultural change, globalization and me
  5. Political outcomes, globalization and me

Generate a list of as many ways as possible you and your group are influenced by or influence each of the topics.

You will be asked to share your findings with the class.