—Add a vulnerability section to your 4 CS for this unit:
—For each of the following factor, explain in one or two sentences, using one fact, whether it had an effect on the local population’s vulnerability when the hazard event happened

Demographic Factors

—1 Size of Vulnerable Population
—2 Population Density

Socio-economic Factors

—3 A Country’s Level of Development
—4 An Individual’s Wealth

Community Preparedness

—5 Public Education
— 6 Recent Hazard Events
—7 Early Warning Systems
—8 Building Codes

A Community’s Ability to deal with a Hazard Event

—9 Governance
—10 Effective Lines of Communication
—11 Emergency Personnel
—12 Insurance Cover
2. Then, answer the following IB Style Question
—Explain how socioeconomic development can affect a specific population’s vulnerability to a major hazard event. [6]
—You should be able to compare and contrast  vulnerability between LEDCs and MEDCs.